Writing and reviewing blogs I follow

Anne R. Allen’s Blog

Indie Author Land

Caryn Miriam-Goldberg

Rabid Readers Reviews

Have you heard my book review

Karen’s Different Corners

E.L. Lindley

Strong is Sexy

Bare Branches

Karen’s different corners

Wendy’s Works

Write to done

Bullish Ink

Mari Biella, writer, reader, dreamer

The art and craft of writing creatively

The writing bomb

Child of Yden

Jade Varden Official Blog

To become a writer

Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Editorial tips

Nail your novel

Jason Alan Wilkinson

Venture Galleries Blog

A newbie’s guide to publishing

Glynis Smy – Writer

Chris James Blog – fiction writer


Going for coffee

Inspiration for Creation

Written Words

The passive voice

The Indie Writer

According to Hoyt

Mystery writing is murder

The editor’s blog

Rae’s rants, raves, writings and reality checks

LK Watts Confessions

In the writing groove

The Green Water Blog

About the fantasy worlds of Lita Burke

Wendy L. Young, writer

Inside Martin

Melissa Foster

The Kindle Book Review

The Vandal

Teri Heyer, Writer/Dreamer

Must use bigger elephants

C.C. Cole

Molly Green: Writer

Carolyn Arnold Author

Flash Fiction


Chazz writes

Return to writing

Moody Writing

Of Glass and Paper

M J Wright

1 Response to Writing and reviewing blogs I follow

  1. There are a lot of great blogs here! I also follow most of them. Will have to check out the ones I don’t currently. I just stopped by to let you know I awarded you The Versatile Blogger award today. Stop by my blog to check it out. 🙂

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