My qualifications for reviewing books

I’m probably no more qualified to review books than anyone else.

But I love reading, and I love writing. My 1980 bachelor’s degree in Theater Communications from Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, Va., was heavy on writing, especially journalism.

I served 20 years in the Navy as an enlisted PR specialist — we were called “Navy Journalists” back then, though now the rate is known as “Mass Communication Specialist” — and I retired as a Chief Navy Journalist.

I also designed and taught a six-week course in a magnet high school in Nashville, Tenn., titled “Writing for Publication.”

I currently work as the house writer for PROSOCO, a manufacturer of construction materials in Lawrence, Kan. In that capacity I write everything, poetry to technical writing, and all points in between, including newsletters, blog posts and web content, ad copy, sales letters, trade magazine articles and more.

Been there since 1999.

Why I review indie books

You can watch the multi-million dollar athletes on TV in professional sports. But the real American athletes, in my humble, are the amateur runners, mountain bikers,  softball, soccer and football players who go out and PLAY every weekend or whenever they can.

Not because of a giant paycheck — but because they love the sport.

Same with indie writers like — well, like myself. I doubt I’ll ever write that runaway bestseller and get reviewed by the New York Times. And I know my work isn’t as good as Larry McMurty or Dean Koontz, or other favorites.

We’re just writing because we love it — can’t help writing, in most cases. And while we have our hopes — and SHOULD have them, in the meantime, I think attention should be payed. Attention should be payed to these real true writers, toiling away in anonymity for sheer love of craft.

And not just attention. That’s why I BUY the books I review. Because well-written or not, that effort deserves something.

You can see my own work on Smashwords, and by visiting my website about ultramarathoning,

Thanks for visiting Honest Indie Book Reviews!

Gary Henry
Nov. 25, 2011

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  1. Hope you might consider doing a review of one or more of my works. “One More Victim” is in a free program just now at Amazon:

  2. Randy, I’ll be glad to consider one of your stories. Thanks for getting in touch!

    • Rick Lakin says:

      I just published a book written by a retired Nuclear Reactor Operator called The Apes of Eden – The Journey Begins. He wrote the book when he was a teenager. It is written in iambic pentameter about a tribe of killer apes that leaves Eden in search of God. It is hilarious. I wonder if you might be interested in reviewing it.


  3. Z.N. Singer says:

    Read your present front page review and liked how it went. It was honest and didn’t ignore some of the less professional problems in it (the grammar is a biggie). I would love for you to review my own anthology – as a first time indie publisher, I am in need of that kind of attention (ohh, but I sympathize with some of those statements about needing/deserving attention). You can get it at Smashwords or Amazon, I’ve included both links so you can pretty much pick your format and platform.



    • Hi Z.,

      I’ll be glad to add “The Last Time and other tales” to the queue. Sounds like a fun read. In all honesty, though, I must say there are several books in that queue already. So it might be awhile. Meantime, keep up the great work, reading and writing!

  4. Kenya says:

    My urban fantasy book Fire Baptized is released on Feb 20, 2012 for $1.99.

    The book cover, book blurb, author’s bio, and chapter one sample are all available on my author’s website The book is also listed on goodreads

    Author: Kenya Wright
    Title: Fire Baptized
    Genre: Urban Fantasy

    Book Summary:
    Since the 1970s humans have forced supernaturals to live in caged cities. Silver brands
    embedded in their foreheads identify them by species: a full moon for Vampires, a crescent
    moon for Shifters, a pair of wings for Fairies, and the list goes on, for each supernatural species has been tagged and categorized by humans.
    Lanore Vesta is marked with a silver X, the brand of Mixbreeds, second-class citizens shunned by society. She stays to herself, revealing her ability to create fire only during emergencies. All she wants to do is graduate college and stop having to steal to survive. But when she stumbles upon a murder in progress, she catches the attention of a supernatural killer. Now all she wants is to stop finding dead bodies in her apartment.
    Enlisting help from her Were-cheetah ex-boyfriend MeShack and a new mysterious friend
    named Zulu, she is steered through the habitat’s raunchy nightlife. But their presence sometimes
    proves to be more burden than help, as they fight for her attention.
    While the corpses pile up, and the scent of blood fills the air, Lanore is left wondering:
    will she find the psycho or die trying?

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  5. Kenya wright says:

    Thanks so much! I’m under no deadline and I understand you would be backed up! Do the review whenever you can.

  6. Kenya says:

    Awwwww! That’s so cool! I sure will return the favor!!!!

  7. Donna Fasano says:

    Gary, do you ever review romance novels? I have half a dozen available. I would be happy to send you a gift copy for review.

    Kindest regards,
    ~Donna Fasano~

    • Hi Donna! I’ll read and review romance too. I only reveiw books I’ve bought and paid for, though, so if you’ll make a recommendation for my kindle, I’ll pick it up. Can’t promise, alas, when I’ll get to it, as my line is long and getting longer. Thanks for getting in touch and good luck with the writing. Half a dozen novels! I am in awe.

      • Donna Fasano says:

        I’ve acquired the pub rights to 11 of my backlist books (I wrote for Harlequin for 20 years). I’m updating, editing and expanding the books before I put them up for sale. I am finding being an indie author so freeing! I can add just the right amount of description, dialogue, sensuousness, etc, and not have someone tell me NO. It’s great!

        The Merry-Go-Round is more romance/chick lit/women’s fiction, while His Wife for a While or An Accidental Family are straight romance.

        Please recommend one of your novels for me. Thanks!

  8. Hi there Gary!
    From the looks of things you’ll be reading for the next few years straight! I’d like to take this chance to tell you about my book though, just in case you’re queue pond needs restocking!
    ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!’ is a comedy travel adventure – Bill Bryson meets James Herriot – only with bigger teeth! It’s the true story of what happened when I volunteered in an animal refuge in Ecuador, with no experience beyond owning a pet rabbit when I was nine…
    Suffice to say I got hurt quite a lot! Bitten by a crocodile in fact, plus shot at, shaved, electrocuted – and head-butted in the plums by a wild boar. As for the pants – well, I wasn’t wearing them at the time or the book would have been called ‘That Bear Ate My Legs And My Ass!’ and I’d have written it in hospital!
    So – I’m not sure if this is a genre you’re interested in, but I’d love to be reviewed by you! I can promise you a chuckle or two along the way and you can always check out the free sample first to see if it’s something you’d enjoy.
    Many thanks Gary! I’ll end the waffle here, and hope you find this interesting.
    All the best,

    Link to ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!’ on

  9. Hey Gary,

    I’m not sure how you feel about horror/fantasy fiction. I write a weird western series for Damnation Books called Merkabah Rider. It’s about a Hasidic gunslinger tracking the renegade teacher who betrayed his mystic Jewish order of astral travelers across the Southwest of the 1880’s. Along the way he encounters half demon outlaws, Lovecraftian entities, and a bordello of antedelluvian succubi among other dangers. There are currently three books in the series, Tales of A High Planes Drifter, The Mensch With No Name, and Have Glyphs Will Travel.

    If weird westerns aren’t your bag, I’ve also got a straight no-ghoulies western from Texas Review Press, Buff Tea, about a young kid who leaves an affluent home in Chicago to join a band of itinerant buffalo hunters headed for the Texas plains of 1874. Learning life lessons from a grizzled old plainsman, an African American ex-cavalryman, a superstitious mountain man and a fast talking shooter from Louisiana, he swiftly learns the difference between his romantic notions of the West and reality. When Cheyenne Dog Soldiers attack the group, the old man is convinced that an enemy from his past has returned, and the boy must make a choice between murder and madness.

    Here’s a link to my amazon page, with all my titles listed –

    Best regards,
    Ed Erdelac

  10. Gary, if your Kindle is not yet fit to burst, I have a contemporary novel – My Memories of a Future Life.

    It’s in the tradition of The Time Traveller’s Wife, Vertigo and The Gargoyle, but it’s much more than a twist on the traditional reincarnation tale. The English review site For Books’ Sake described it as ‘strange and stubborn’ and ‘so original it’s in a class of its own’. You may not agree of course, but you have been warned.

    If you were somebody’s past life…

    What echoes would you leave in their soul?
    Could they be the answers you need now?

    It’s a question Carol never expected to face. She’s a gifted musician who needs nothing more than her piano and certainly doesn’t believe she’s lived before. But forced by injury to stop playing, she fears her life may be over. Enter her soulmate Andreq: healer, liar, fraud and loyal friend. Is he her future incarnation or a psychological figment? And can his story help her discover how to live now?

    On Kindle… right here…

    • The Kindle is getting full, but may have a little room yet. “Future Life” sounds great! Should you happen to have a spare corner in your own Kindle, my short story anthology “What happened to Jory” just got a very nice review on Smashwords ~ ~ and it’s only 99 cents! (-:

      Would love to see if you think my prologue on the final story “A barbarian in Rome” measures up to the prologue guidelines on your awesome blog.

      I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of reincarnation ~ and been described as “strange and stubborn,” myself, mostly by my spouse, LOL! I look forward to reading “My memories of a future life.”


  11. Hey Gary! Thank you for making the distinction between a book that’s been written an edited within the limits of one person’s time and money constrains, and a book put out after it has been polished by several paid individuals. For the love of the sport, indeed!

    Just downloaded “What Happened to Jory”. I love shorts, and funky speculative fiction is my favorite! If you’ve got room in the queue for a fast-paced, riotous contemporary fantasy, give “Vessel” a try. In short, it’s five amateur gods on a tour bus to hell (with a pit stop in Oprah’s parking lot). For more info and reviews, check or

    Thanks for what you do and your wise words of encouragement!


    • Just read your blog and excerpt from your upcoming. Am definitely buying “Vessel” and putting in the “review queue.” Looking forward to a … volatile… read. Might be a few books till I can get to it. WILL get to it, though. Thanks for downloading Jory! You’ve made my day.

  12. Carter Vance says:

    I realize you are up to your eyeballs in books to read but, if you can, I would appreciate it if you would read and review my novel, The Return.
    It is about how the Second Coming could occur in modern times with the help of
    the Knights Templars.

    my website is
    press release:
    here is the link to Amazon:

    • Hi Carter,
      Thanks for visiting. The Return sounds great! Hope I can get to it one ‘o these days. As you have correctly noted, I have ton of books waiting on the Kindle, and really only get to read them for a few minutes each day — usually before falling asleep at night. Though I try to get a session in Sunday mornings. The Return is definitely on my radar, though and I will check it out.

  13. Mark Tier says:

    Hi Gary:

    Thanks for your reviews: they’re a great help in finding new indie authors.

    You might like to take a look at Trust Your Enemies—my own “indie” novel. I’ve categorized it as a “political thriller”—though it might be more accurate to call it an anti-political thriller. You can see it here: — Best, Mark.

  14. Donovan Sotam says:

    Hello, I’m a fellow indie writer. ANd if your kindle can handle my short story collections, I’d love your honest opinions about them. It’s 3 short stories about our working world, humor and satire. It’s called Working for Heat based on a portuguese expressiona, meaning working to no avail. I hope you consider it. Thank you so much

    Here’s the link to my book:

    If you want I can gift it too you.

    p.s. I’ll be hearing from you, since I started following you on twitter today (that’s how I found your blog)

    Cheers from Portugal

    • Hi Donovan! Thanks for getting in touch. Not sure when I can read and review “Working for Heat,” but it looks good, so I bought it for my Kindle. I don’t accept gift books for review, but thanks for the offer. (-:

      As a fellow short story writer, would love to hear what you think of my own collection, “What happened to Jory.”

      Write on!

      • Donovan Sotam says:


        Glad you like it! Yours seems interesting too. I like dark humor quite a lot. Will probably read it when I’ve finished with my Terry Pratchet book. =)

        Will, give you feedback as soon as I can (I’m a slow reader on the pc, still no kindle..)
        Do you have it on amazon too, or just smashwords?

  15. Hi, Gary. When you get time, I would love for you to take a look at my short story “I’ve Been Better.” It’s now in the Kindle Store: Let me know so I can send you a gift card. Cheers.

    • Hi Steven!

      Thanks for getting in touch. I only review books I’ve bought and paid for. That helps me keep the perspective of a typical reader. I will definitely check out “I’ve been better,” however, and if it catches my fancy — and isn’t too pricey — will buy. My fancy is pretty easily caught. The downside of that is I have a huge queue of books on the Kindle from all the other books that have interested me. A short story, however, shouldn’t be too much of a time commitment, so maybe I can get to it in a spare minute (hah!). Anyway, good luck with the writing, Steven, thanks again for getting in touch, and I look forward to checking out “I’ve been better.”

  16. Just finished reading “What Happened to Jory.” Great work. Now I’m jealous I didn’t think of Vlad the Impaler as an advice columnist!

  17. Just got “I’ve been better.” I look forward to reading a story by a writer who appreciates Vlad, LOL!

  18. Hi Gary, as a fellow indie author and short story writer I was hoping you may find the time (and room) to accommodate my first short story collection ‘Silent Bombs Falling on Green Grass’ – Love to hear your thoughts if and when you have the time. Shall check out your work, great site, always good to see people supporting the indies.

    Best wishes


  19. Peter Boody says:

    Hi Gary. How do you do it all? How can I ask you to do more? Like another baby bird in the nest, I squeak: Read my book too! It’s called “Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me.” Jefferson comes back to life and his two new friends have to figure out what you do with a guy like him when he has no money, no job, no ID and not even a single slave. How I came to write this book I do not know but I think it works. It’s supposed to be fun but about some serious things. The full pitch and 9 reviews are on the Kindle site; a more mixed bag of reviews on Goodreads.
    Many many many thanks.

  20. Peter Boody says:

    Want me to send you a digital file so you do not have to buy one?

  21. Gary,

    I would be honored and eager for you to review my horror/noir hybrid, The Big Wrap-Up, when and if you find the time. One-sentence summary: it’s like Phillip Marlowe vs. a Mummy. Any other insight can be readily gleaned from the Introduction. I wear my influences — proudly — on my sleeve. There are a lot of urban fantasy thrillers on the shelves, but I believe mine plays fairest with the hard-boiled angle.

    As is the case with most indie authors, it is a struggle to get objective, therefore more credible, reviews. My friends and family love it, of course, but their opinions don’t count to an unknown reader in Walla Walla.

    The Big Wrap-Up can be found here:

    Thanks and regards in advance,

    Andy (A. Rex)

  22. Daniel Friedland says:

    Hi Gary,

    I’m hoping you’ll review my book, DOWN AISLE TEN. Here’s the link to the Amazon page and the blurb is pasted below. Thanks!


    DOWN AISLE TEN is a fictional history of Universal Simultaneous Anxiety Collapse Disorder, an incapacitating disease that arises from the abundant fears that surround us in the modern world. The first sufferer is Harold Greensmeyer, who contracts USAC while at the supermarket. He is soon confined to a mental hospital, where he encounters a cast of curious characters – the compulsive psychiatrist who tries to treat him, a woman convinced that she and Harold are fated to marry, and a befuddled cop who believes Harold is a mystic. When USAC spreads and the hospital is quarantined, they escape together in search of answers, love, and a cure.

  23. Pat Frayne says:

    Hi Gary,
    I write fast-paced adventure mysteries about a mystical cat endowed with unique powers for ages 8-12. Topaz, the last conjure cat, lives a world inhabited by fairies, elves, wizards, ogres, sprites, talking animals and other mystical beings. I hope the age group won’t put you off. The first book is Topaz and the Evil Wizard. It is featured as a sneak peek on Indies Unlimited now. Here is the link for Smashwords Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone will be out in a few weeks. Thanks for considering this.
    I appreciate your time,
    Pat Frayne

  24. Hello Gary–your reviews are well articulated. You have a great sense of clarity and even-handedness. How could anyone not want to hear thoughts conveyed this way? I certainly would, though I know you are very busy. Still, if it strikes your fancy and you don’t mind something scary rising out of the ocean depths, consider having a look at my novella, Slash of Crimson. It can be found on Amazon at:

    Thank you for your time and keep up the quality work!


    Carl R. Moore

  25. Riva Shaw says:

    Hi Gary. Like you, I believe that Indie novels should be given a fair chance and I also review them on my blog , but at the moment I am indulging in a bit of shameless self promotion. I was hoping that you would be interested in reviewing my novel Circle of Fire which is free to download for Kindle today.
    If you like adventure and romance in your fantasy but no magical creatures or wizards then it will appeal to you. I do hope it will. Even if it doesn’t I thank you for supporting other Indie writers.

  26. Hi Gary,
    Well I can see you’re very busy but I would love an honest opinion of my YA fantasy Secrets of Ghosts. I really appreciate your balanced approach. This link will take you straight to the ‘see inside’.

    A brief description is:
    When sixteen-year-old Daffodil, who has escaped The Institution, and carries with her a history of secrets that would make the discovery of the Holy Grail seem mundane, finds herself stranded in an icy wasteland with six others by The Secret Society Of Gifted Teens, she finds a group of child-ghosts which, if not freed, will lose their souls.

    Thank you for your time! Your blog is very well done.
    Warmest regards
    Mardi Orlando

  27. Grant Wilson says:

    Hi Gary,

    Greetings from Grant in Scotland, United Kingdom.
    Haven’t finished my first novel yet, I’m still tinkering with it.
    Just dropping you a line to say how much I admire your site and all the good work you do reviewing and promoting indie books. I’m adding this to my favourites.
    Keep up the good work,
    Best wishes,


  28. tjblake93 says:

    Hi there,

    I have recently just self-published my first book ‘Endurance’ and I was wondering if you would have a read and review my book.

    Here is the blurb: London is silent. Severed bodies lie amongst the rubble. What once was a lively city is a now a murderous grave, enclosed in smoke and ash. The cause of the destruction is unknown. Left haunted and terrified, survivor Tom Williams confronts the brutal, mutilated streets as he fights to uncover the truth. Could he be humanities last hope to restore normality?

    It’s a novella with 140 pages. It’s main genre’s are Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Dystopian and Action and it’s told at a fast pace.

    Here’s the link to it on Amazon available as KIndle/eBook:

    I would really appreciate a review from you and I fully understand that there will be a wait but I’m willing to wait. I hope you decide to read it and hopefully enjoy my book.

  29. Lilian Gafni says:

    I don’t dare ask for a review. You must be booked for the next 10 years, but if you happen to have an opening, any time in the future, and like Historical Fiction, Columbus’s quest for a new world mixed with the expulsion drama of the Sephardim Jews from Spain, I’d be glad to gift you with a Kindle eBook from No need for you to buy it. It’s enough you have to read it. Thank you for reading this:

    Will the young Catholic girl ever find her Jewish parents?
    Isabella Obrigon is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding and thrust into the world of Conversos and Jews fleeing for their lives from the Inquisition. She discovers that she isn’t of noble birth, but born to an obscure mother who died giving her life.

    Thank you.

    Lilian Gafni

  30. Lilian Gafni says:

    I forgot to mention Gary that I’d be glad to reciprocate with your books. Thanks again. Lilian Gafni.

  31. Humbly asking for a review, I have none to date and this is my first. Thanks for your time
    “The Mighty Brisbrom”
    by Robert Buck
    32,000 word count

    Two children went for a simple walk, near the White Mountains of NH. What they ended up finding though, could change our world forever. They discovered the only known dwelling of the seclusive Mighty Brisbrom. A brilliant humanoid species with magical powers. A civilization that was highly advanced for their time. Go on a journey through the eye’s of Trebor. A Brisbrom born to a prophecy of doom. Surrounded by a few loved ones, he vows to prove the rest wrong!
    A story of magic, twisted by an unknown power.
    Discover for yourself and be enlightened, just be careful with what you learn…

  32. David Meade says:

    Hope you might consider reviewing my thriller…
    Name (or pen name):David Meade
    Book Title: Mysterious Islands
    Genre(s): Thriller
    Book Blurb:The reader will experience international intrigue at its best. Mysterious Islands takes the reader on a grand adventure which begins on a mountaintop and ends in the islands of the Caribbean and South Pacific. The book draws the reader into higher levels of knowledge of how the intelligence world works and how international private investigations are conducted.

    An intelligence operative is forced to retire because he knows too much, and begins a private life under a new name. Only his private life becomes more complex and dangerous than his former was. In addition, this full-length novel takes its readers into a tale of suspense as the leading characters attempt to solve a fascinating series of puzzles.

    The plot allows the reader to escape into a series of romantic locations with a cast of characters. The book is a page-turner that will provide the readers with an in-depth knowledge of each island, while drawing them closer and closer into the truth.

    Link to cover image:

    Links to buy book:

  33. Dear Gary,

    I found your reviewer’s blog through a search of Indie Book Reviewers / Bloggers.

    I’d love to submit my collection of interconnected short stories for your review consideration. Information about the book is below, or it can be found here:

    AMIDST TRAFFIC is the winner of the International Book Awards and a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards.

    It was also selected as an Editor’s Choice by Independent Publisher (which hosts the IPPY awards annually) and received the Indie Reader Approved stamp by

    Additionally, I was the winner of the Army Journalist of the Year Award in 2008 for my work in Iraq.

    Here is a synopis of the book:

    From an old man collecting drinking straws three at a time, to a pair of Chicago drug addicts faring poorly in their attempt to raise a child, nearly everyone involved in this collection of connected stories cannot shake the feeling that something bigger than themselves is going on.

    Moving from diners to gas stations, from urban apartments to the war in Iraq, these stories tackle the question of faith in desperate times. Lost, struggling characters look for meaning. And yet, the topic of faith is handled with literary class, without insulting the reader with preachy lines. Just honest, compelling stories reside inside.

    The prose is literary and poetic. The characters are so real, you can’t help but feel their struggles.

    Fate and free will are called into play. There are visionaries who can predict tragedy before it strikes. And there are visionary hunters who stand on the edge of manipulating their power. There’s a man who inexplicably digs a hole in his back yard to escape nightmares, a woman who tattoos words on her body, and a man who thinks his shoes are talking to him.

    Everything is connected.

    While many of the characters and their actions can come across random, chaotic or ordinary, as their stories begin to intersect, they lead to greater questions about life and who is in control of it. How do we reconcile the chaos of the world with a faith in God? These stories explore the answers and the questions that drive them.

    Thank you so much for your consideration and your time.

    I’ll be happy to provide you with a Smashwords coupon upon request.


  34. Alex Adorno says:

    Hi my name is Alex, and I am the author of a book series “Adventures of The Young Warrior” (currently working on book 6) and after several years I have recently been able to publish my first book “The World’s Fate”. It is a semi fantasy style adventure series, where I take ancient legends and prophecies and use real world locations and events to make these ancient warnings seem true. The books take place all over the world, one book may travel the entire globe and another may be one region/country, but they are mostly entertainment and greatly detailed.

    They are about the son of a US military worker, who was killed mysteriously, and the boy sets out to better understand what his father was in search of, and how he died, and in the process he gets tangled up in unexpected situations that he has to fight his way out of.

    This book tells of an artifact made by a Mesoamerican culture had been dug up nearly a half of a century ago. Shortly after, its pieces were scattered and buried around the world. It’s mystery tells of doom which could be fallen on the world caused by its own doing. With the events going on in the world, the son of a former U.S. military worker sets out to find the history of his past, and attempts to open the eyes of the people of the world before it’s too late.

    I have recently used self publishing because I have pretty much spent my life writing stories and I love doing it, and I did not want to throw my hard work into the lap of just anyone while being pressured by my friends to get published. Advertising is expensive and face it when you are just starting out you don’t have much cash to sink into it.

    I have been working all over the internet with little success, but there are many places to find out more about the book and upcoming works:

    it is available on paperback here
    on the kindle here
    you can follow us on Facebook here
    I am working on a Fan style site
    and lastly you can see us on Goodreads

    I hope you can give it a look, and I really hope you (and someday everyone) can enjoy my work! Thank you for your time. Sincerely.

  35. Hi, Gary:
    I’ve been a professional Resume writer for over twenty years and have written a comprehensive guide on how to write job-winning Resumes and Cover Letters including over 500 of my very best samples.

    Here’s the Amazon link:

    Thanks for your time and efforts – Mark

  36. Charity Tober says:

    Hi Gary!

    I’m a new self-published author and not sure if my first book will be up your alley or not since it’s a children’s picture book but I thought i’d let you know about it anyway.

    It’s called “Roly-Poly Monster” and is a book that I wrote for my son (he’s 4 now) and my husband illustrated it for me. It’s 36 pages long and available on Amazon. I would appreciate any feedback or review. Thanks!

    Here’s the description and link:
    Come meet Roly-Poly Monster, a curious new monster friend, and join him as he rolls throughout his day – playing, exploring and of course, rolling! This colorful, rhyming picture book introduces children to a new fun-to-follow furry friend and is recommended for ages 2-5 years old.

    Thanks again!

  37. Your reviews seem “real” i.e. nothing appears to be sugar-coated with them. I’d be honored if you’d take the time to read/review my book “When You Leave This Way.” It is in the polishing stage of development & once a new cover is designed, it will be released. The tentative release date is January 6th 2014 (although it’ll likely be closer to Jan. 16). To see whether or not this story is in your tastes, I welcome you to visit its official website, where several pages have been added for the public to peruse. Thanks in advance.

  38. Bob says:

    First off, thank you for your service.

    Second, you might be interested in reviewing my first novel, a mosaic of interconnected short stories and novellas set in a Lovecraftian universe. I’m hard at work on followups. Something seemed to be wrong with your submissions link, but I can provide you with a pdf or mobi as you prefer. Also, I would read and review one of your books in turn. Thank you.

  39. Hi Gary, my fourth and latest novel is a true-to-life fiction military story told from a U.S. Marine’s wife’s perspective of his battle with PTSD. You can view the book on Amazon at

  40. Hello Gary. Would you be interested in reviewing a futuristic interracial romantic suspense for teens? A BRAND NEW ADDRESS is a coming-of-age story suitable for young adult readers, in the top hundred seller in Amazon’s category of futuristic, interracial, coming-of-age, sweet romance. Eighteen-year-old Yardley Van Dyke promised her dying mother she’d care for the family by growing food in their Ice Age greenhouse. Clashing with her dad’s fiancé puts her on the outs. When a space race to Venus is announced, she’s set on proving herself as an intergalactic gardener.
    Tough protector Marchand LaFond sails his ice-boat across the frozen tundra to deliver fuel and food to the needy. Groomed for the space voyage, the Robin-Hooder enters it and calls the shots. In spite of his brazen exterior, she falls for him. He must not allow his emotions to get in the way of the mission. Maneuvering through sun spikes and space junk is dangerous enough. Evil Vito Savage plans to annihilate competing shuttles. Will Venus be Yardley and Marchand’s new address where they can fulfill their dreams?
    I would be happy to send you a copy in any format you like.
    Best regards,
    Kathleen Rowland

  41. J.D. Cunegan says:


    I love what you’re offering here! I’d like to submit my debut novel, Bounty, and my digital short, Boundless, for review. My Amazon page is: I know you’re backlogged, and there’s no rush, and thanks in advance for your consideration!

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